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Suitable as part of a finger or fork buffet. Selection below served as a whole 11” quiche serving 8-10 people. £21.50 per quiche


Ham & cheese

Smoked ham, Gruyere, onions & parsley

Leek & bacon

Sautéed leeks, smoked bacon, cheddar & chive

Ham & mushroom

Roast mushrooms, parsley, cheddar & smoked ham

Parma ham

Parma ham, sun blushed tomatoes, basil & parmesan


Salmon & spinach

Flaked salmon, spinach & roast cherry tomatoes

Salmon & broccoli

Flaked salmon, broccoli & roast red peppers

Smoked salmon & asparagus

Smoked salmon, asparagus & chive Smoked haddock

Flaked smoked haddock & spinach



Caramelized onions, thyme & gruyere Gorgonzola

Caramelized red onions, thyme & Gorgonzola

Roast red pepper

Roast peppers, spinach & goat's cheese

Roast butternut squash

Roast butternut squash & red onion; spinach & Parmesan


Tomato, basil & emmental

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