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All prices are based on 10 people or more. For orders please select from the individual menus below

Menu 1 

£3.95 per head

Selection of sandwiches 

Served on a variety of breads (1 round per head)

Kettle chips

Lightly salted bowl of Kettle crisps 

Menu 2     


Selection of sandwiches 

Served on the variety of breads (1 round per head)

Fruit platter 

Slices of orange, kiwi, melon, sweet pineapple,  grapes, passion fruit & seasonal berries 

Menu 3 


Selection of open sandwiches  & baguettes 

Served on rye & sourdough breads ( 1 round per head)

Tortilla chips

Cool tortilla chips with chunky guacamole dip

Lemon slice 

Creamy lemon mousse on a biscuit base

Menu 4


Selection of wraps

Served on plain/spinach tortillas with tortilla chips 

Pesto pasta salad

Individual bowls of pesto pasta, mozzarella,  Cherry tomatoes, black olives, peppers, wild rocket & pesto dressing 

Choc -chip cookies 

Chewy with chocolate chunks 

Menu 5

£10.25 per head

Selection of rolls & wraps

Served on baby rolls & plain /spinach tortilla  With tortilla 2

Cheese platter

Selection of European cheeses with grapes, chutney,  crackers & baguette

Fruit platter 

Slices of orange,  kiwi, melon, sweet pineapple, grapes, passion fruit & seasonal berries

Menu 6  

£11.25 per head

Selection of sandwiches, wraps & rolls

Served on a variety of breads plain/spinach tortillas & baby rolls (1 ½ rounds per head)

Kettle chips 

Lightly salted bowl of Kettle crisps

Fruit salad 

Individual pots with seasonal chopped fruits in fresh fruit  juice

Chocolate caramel  slice

Caramel & caramel on a coconut biscuit base